First in Service®


Custom Machining

First in Custom Machining®

Our machining and manufacturing facility can produce a wide range of custom machined components. Your company, large or small, can depend on us for quality parts and on-time delivery.

Inventory Management

First in Inventory

Save time, money, and keep better control of your hardware needs with our computerized custom inventory program. Our materials management systems control inventory, automatically replenish supplies, reduce paperwork, and virtually eliminate downtime.

  • Locally-stocked inventory
  • Customized Min/Max levels
  • High inventory turns
  • Eliminates excess inventory
  • Contract pricing
Custom Packaging

First in Custom Packaging ®

Our custom packaging division greatly reduces the time consuming process of packaging hardware. Parts are electronically counted, heat-sealed in rugged poly-bags, and labeled with your identification information on every bag and carton.

  • Customized automated packaging
  • 100% quality controlled
  • Vast assortment of kit components
  • Manual and automated packaging stations


Our years of expertise helps to assist your company in driving down costs by examining warranty issues, consolidating fasteners, reducing labor costs in production, assisting in new product design, and many more areas.

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Daily Delivery

We provide daily delivery to your location or work site, a service not found from other companies. Whether it’s one box or a truckload, our company-owned fleet is available to deliver your order fast and on time.

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