Full Service Makes a Difference

Many of us are accustomed to working with a large number of suppliers. We’ve grown so used to it, in fact, that we’ve not considered how much easier life could be if we had fewer vendors to deal with. There are several advantages to using fewer vendors to provide you with the materials you need to do business. Here are some things to consider:

Benefits of Using One Vendor for Your Thread Fastener Needs

  • Fewer vendors means fewer orders. Overall, you’ll save time by having to place fewer orders. See if you can find vendors who carry multiple items you need, such as thread fasteners and custom u-bolts, rather than having to get each from a different supplier.
  • Fewer vendors can mean better discounts. When you order more supplies from a single vendor, you may qualify for volume discounts in pricing that you would not receive by placing many different orders from many different vendors.
  • Fewer vendors means fewer deliveries to process. Processing fewer deliveries saves time, just like placing fewer orders. Your personnel can get more done when orders are consolidated.
  • (we provide free delivery)
  • Simplified vendor management. Fewer vendors makes the entire vendor management process easier for your employees.

Consolidating your vendors to a smaller number where possible, makes doing business easier and less expensive. Your employees can be more productive, and your business can likely save money simply by narrowing your vendors down to those who can do the most for your business. If you are looking for a one stop shop for your fastener needs, like thread fasteners and u-bolts, contact B&F Fastener today (763) 252-2300.