Our state of the art quality control room is calibrated and certified on a schedule by an outside service that specializes in calibration.  We perform first article inspections, in-process inspections, as well as final inspections for all of our machined products.   We fully understand the importance of accuracy of all of our products and have all the steps in place to ensure that this happens.  For more information on our Custom Machining division or to schedule a tour of our facility to see it firsthand contact:

Our Quality Control Equipment:

  • CMM
  • Fowler Digital Height Gauge
  • Deltronic Optical Comparator
  • Digital Bore Gauges
  • Digital Caliper
  • Several Mics, Calipers, Thread Mics, Thread Plugs and Ring Gauges

“We live by the philosophy that the customer comes first, before our shareholders. Too often these days the drive to please shareholders is at the expense of Quality, Service and Increased Cost’s. As a Privately held corporation it is in our best interest to maintain the highest levels of Honesty and Integrity so our customers receive the consistent service they deserve, Our mission as an industry leader is to deliver quality products with service you can trust.” – Loren O’Brien
CEO, B&F Fastener Supply